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Timeless Timber Products

Timeless Timber offers unique and beautiful woods that allow the artisans and craftsmen of today to create pieces that have the look of fine antiques. This combination of age, color, grain and figure is available in Timeless Timber because it is the same woods that were used 100 years ago to create the pieces that are fine antiques today.

Timeless Timber comes in a wide range of color variation. While fresh cut lumber tends to be quite consistent in color, Timeless Timer's many years of being submerged has given it a unique color range. We call these unique darker woods "sapphire", the wood getting its color from minerals in the water and the lake bottom after 75+ years underwater.

When you purchase and use Timeless Timber you will receive a mix of the complete spectrum of colors from light sapwood to dark sapphire. This gives your project the unique Timeless Timber look. If you have a particular color match requirement, Timeless Timber can provide that at a premium price. Our knowledgeable sales department will be happy to explain the color-match process and quote your project accordingly.

Another Timeless Timber variation is quartersawn lumber. This is wood sawn with close to vertical grain and, in some species; most notably Oak, Maple & Beech, produces a unique figure or ray fleck. Quartersawn wood is also very stable because of its vertical grain. Since each log produces a limited amount of quartersawn wood please check on availability. Quartersawn woods are available in most species at a premium price.

Timeless Timber offers this online catalog of products dedicated to builders, contractors and architects. You may purchase our products with an authorized purchase order form your company.

Species Currently Available

Rough and custom dimensioned lumber is available in Beech, Birch, Red & White Oak, Maple, Larch, Pine, Red Gum, Hickory, Ash, and Elm.

We specialize in custom made products such as table tops, counter tops, T & G flooring, and veneer. We also have two state of the art CNC machines and can custom make a wide variety of furniture designs.

How To Purchase

Orders are processed on a per order basis. No orders are too small. Lumber is always ready to go, but flooring, countertops and paneling are milled once an order is placed.

Due to the unique nature of this product, a lead time is required. Lead times will fluctuate depending on material availability, size of the order and production schedules. We will try to get your order to you as soon as possible. We can provide you with a lead time estimate at any time. A 50% down payment is required on most orders.

Our sales staff is always available to help assist you on special needs and questions. Call today and ask for Eric and Marc. They will be happy to assist you!

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